"Civilization is dominated by a Calendar. "

Those in control of the calendar dominate everyone else...

The calendar is synonymous with civilization.

Those in control of the calendar are at the helm of people under their jurisdiction. It was the authority behind Manifest Destiny. This preface can be validated by the antediluvian saints. Adam to Noah in the Biblical Genesis were in control of their civilization and notice they wrote the history of that time period (Bible; Genesis 1:1 – 9:27). It is no coincidence Enoch prophesied the 365-day solar calendar and Noah gave us the epact; they owned the calendar hence were the patriarchs. There is no history of these records being transferred down through the ages. Did Abraham carry them with him as he left Haran in the Fertile Crescent, or did Moses study them in Egypt and confiscate them as the Exodus unfolded?


As the story of chronology and chronometry begins the realization is, there must be at least one truth to hang every precept on or in the end all will be just guesses wrapped in bows. Everywhere you look historically there is confusion, failure and dispute leaving disjointed ends to stories and events that never transition into a complete fluid archive. History is written by men of force whose perception is impudent. Ancient kings and Pharaohs started their reign from the beginning of the year they took office. There must be some element to the universal picture that supersedes catastrophes whether astronomic or geologic and fractured records of human or Godly origin. I find just what I’m looking for in the words of the captivity prophet:

Why Another Book on Catastrophism

J. Harlen Bretz wrote THE GRAND COULEE in 1932 but the political/scientific establishment reduced man and catastrophic theory to “nothing more than finales”; Allen, Burns and Sargent’s CATACLYSMS ON THE COLUMBIA. Establishment geologists removed Bretz name from all reference to the Missoula Floods and re-worked the geology to fit their uniformitarianist geologic theory. These people aren’t ever going to tell you the upper Grand Coulee is an hydraulically formed elliptical syncline (bathtub) formed by internal water and represents the very best example of a Biblical “fountain of the great deep” (Genesis 7:11). Bretz refused to identify his characteristic “upgrade” with the Biblical flood. Once the establishment was firmly in control again, they awarded Bretz the Penrose Metal – life moved on, catastrophism was supposedly delegated to obscurity and blemished.