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Among the most vexing questions of astronomy are the obscure nature of the ancient Babylonian and Egyptian calendar months and years. Countless careers have been spent attempting to pin down exact time parameters from cuneiform tablets and hieroglyphic temple walls. We don’t know the full political, official or intellectual status of any author of ancient texts. The thought has occurred that the court rules of “best evidence” haven’t been followed. Noah was there at the pivotal moment and wrote about those dynamics of ancient civilization. Investigating Noah’s texts should be the standard for determining the reliability of ancient documentation. Unfortunately, bias and unscrupulous examination of Biblical records is the norm.

Adam was in the Garden of Eden and left a record. No man was there the first five (5) lunar days. So, God had to relate the entire story of Creation at that point to Adam or we wouldn’t know about it. Adam and Eve were created on the sixth lunar day (“evening and morning” Gen. 1:5), but the conflict of the ages was apparent in the Garden of Eden as Adam was created on the fifth (5th) solar day while Eve was created on the sixth (6th) solar day. Adam named the entire created species from 6:00 pm Thursday (Gen. 2:19,20) until he went to sleep (Gen. 2:21). On Friday morning God presented Eve to Adam. It is to be assumed from this story that lunar chronology and chronometry were in control, but a solar existence was predominant because they slept at night.

The lunar day in the Antediluvian world was the length of the moon’s rotation around the earth, delineated as 6:00 pm – 6:00 pm. This is stated in Rev. 13:18 where the “beasts” corporate structure is “mankinds” (Adam’s Hebrew name) time frame “Six hundred threescore and six”. The basic establishment of society and civilization is chronology and chronometry. Look at your wristwatch, sexagesimal time; “mark” (hour), “name” (minute), “number” (second). Time constraints are Protestant (2nd beast, 13:11 two horns) values taken from Catholicism’s (1st beast, 13:1 ten horns) Gregorian calendar and clock to control civilizations behavior.

John gives a visual explanation “to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads” (Rev. 13:16); a reference to checking time on a wristwatch by someone who didn’t know what a wristwatch was. If you don’t arrive at work at their established time, they won’t pay you and you won’t be able to buy food, rent, etc. (Rev. 13:17). If they (mythical “they”) can’t establish time controls on your behavior, their (boss) authority structure erodes and they become puny; we happily supply that authority to them which is the glue that holds society together.

Six relates to a quadrant of twenty-four hours as each beast has six “wings” or hours (Rev. 4:8). The “third beast had a face as a man” (Rev. 4:7) which equals the six-hour quadrant (6:00 pm till midnight) of Thursday when Adam was composed of mankind. By Friday morning Adam had to marry Eve to be considered mankind (Gen. 2:23) to have any kind of authority. This is only true if the metaphor “rib” is equal to female sex organs, which God extracted from Adam and used to create Eve (Psalm 8:4 “man” – “son of man”). Psalm 8:5,9 describes Jesus Christ, while verses 6,7,8 are descriptive of married humanity. Man becomes mankind when he marries, just as Jesus Christ will gain total authority at the “Marriage Supper of the Lamb” when he marries the “Everlasting Gospel” (Rev. 19:7-9).

John the Revelator says: “Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast” (Rev. 13:18). It’s easy to calculate the number of the beast if you “understand” that John the Revelator threw a fake word (“hundred”) in the mix to fool you. It’s very obvious the calculation totals up to 360 because that’s what the geometric circle (lunar calendar) is based on. So, six (6) times sixty (60; threescore) = 360 “and” six (quadrant; 6 * 4 = 24 hours) equals sexagesimal time. Adam was familiar with the lunar and solar day, the week and month; all building blocks for a lunar 360-day calendar. Adam’s foundational mathematical skills (best evidence) form the basis of chronology and chronometry to this very day.


Allegorical Kalends, Nones, Ides *102nd

From the book Civilization Revisited p. 59


John the Revelator’s Additional Fake Words

Years ago, in the dim past of Victorian America, preachers used to warn of the coming events of the tribulation. One specific event was the advance of the “yellow hoard” (Mongols) on Megiddo (Armageddon). If you piece the story together it came from I Kings 18: 17-46, Revelation 9:16,17 and Revelation 16:12. Because of the size of the purported army (200,000,000 men), the advance was assumed to come from China and they would march in reverse of Alexander the Great straight to Israel, crossing the Euphrates River at drought stage and meet their doom at the hands of an angry God. I suppose during these types of sermons the blood would run hot and the collection plates full.

So we see, “And the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred thousand thousand: and I heard the number of them. And thus I saw the horses in the vision, and them that sat on them” (Rev. 9:16,17). These are the same horses of verse 7 that were the description of the form of locusts. “Locusts” were the missing leap days. In that context they had “crowns like gold”, in other words immovable (like chess pieces); now they have riders, they’re definitely on the move.

It seems inconceivable that John was capable of conceptualizing 200,000,000 anything (especially the way it’s written) as compared to modern students with calculators easily crunching megabytes on their terabyte hard drives. Although Daniel in 600 B.C. wrote about “ten thousand times ten thousand” (Daniel 7:10), only a half factor less. In the Greek there is no affinity for the compound phrase “thousand thousand”.

It’s found that by calculating this number logically, it no longer remains an integer. If 200 million equals seconds then minutes (3,333,333.333), hours (55,555.55555), days (2,314.814814) and years (6.341958394). If 200 million equals minutes then hours (3,333,333.333), days (138,888.8888) and years (380.5175035); all absurd conclusions. If this figure is supposed to represent Daniel’s 2300 days then it’s about fifteen (15) days too long; if the time to the Council of Nicaea it’s nine (9) years too much. Romans didn’t practice decimal calculations anyway; they didn’t even have a zero.

With all of that said “two hundred” “thousand” “thousand” represents Kalends, Nones and Ides allegorically. John is representing the “F” (dies fasti) in the Augustan calendar. If you reduce the totals by 102nd they are simply Kalends (2), Nones (10) and Ides (10); very clever. Augustus borrowed a day from February adding it onto August described as “two hundred” in Rev. 9:16. The “thousand thousand” are ten “angels” (days) change from the Roman Republic calendar into the Augustan calendar. Bold “X” represents the changes in position of the Nones and Ides.



Exculpatory Evidence

Lunar orbit today – 29.5305 days synodic – 30 days Antediluvian

Sun ecliptic today – 365.2424 days tropical * 30 = 10957.2727

10957.2727 / 29.5305 = 371.0493 days tropical Antediluvian


This small mathematical representation is hard to understand and must be explained. It shows mathematically the catastrophic change from a lunar earth reality to the new solar earth reality. It was a result of a canopy of water protecting earth that collapsed. The collapse resulted in an immediate earth climate change. Theoretically, the magnetic meridian was in control over the south pole at that time and funneled water that created the Great Lakes region hydraulically. The result was an ice age.

This is the world Noah, at 600 years old, lived through and was quite possibly the most difficult time in world history. Catastrophe was a constant daily reality. Noah heard God talk, he built a boat, it rained, he preached, they gathered animals, they of necessity gathered food, they fought back psychological dissention, his own mother didn’t believe in him, all living things drowned etc. ad nauseum. Stephen the Martyr said Noah was “moved with fear”; he had a psychological problem, who wouldn’t?

But, that’s of little interest to the subject of civilization; Noah’s intellectual capacity. Noah was the heir of nine (9) progenitors. These antediluvian saints were the formidable bastion of celestial mechanics. Adam created astro-physics and Enoch prophesied the future solar rotation. Noah’s story in the Bible contains the embedded knowledge of 2256 years of Antediluvian Civilization. The particular information the mathematical formula extracts from ancient astro-physics is the comparative ancient solar rotation in relationship to the antediluvian lunar curvature. To demonstrate effectively, the mathematical proof must be calculated:

29.5305 / 30 = 0.98435

365.2424 / 371.0493 = 0.98435

It’s commonly accepted the lunar synodic cycle is 29.5305 Days (6939.688 Metonic Period / 235 Synodic Months = 29.530587234 average days per month). This web site effectively shows the current solar ecliptic rotation as 365.242424 Tropical Days. The length of the Antediluvian month is the pivotal figure to crunch these numbers. It must be shown that Adam and Eve experienced a 30-day stay in the Garden of Eden. Theoretically there was a total solar and lunar eclipse every month. When the sun and moon returned back to their original rotational positions (10 cycles), Adam (by observation) was able to create sexagesimal chronology and chronometry.



From the book Iconoclastic Book of Calendars p. 378


The above fractional formula becomes more important when combined with the chronological dynamic Noah left in the Biblical record of the Genesis Flood. In Davidson, Stibbs and Kevan’s THE NEW BIBLE COMMENTARY, pp. 84,85 a calculation of days supports the above mathematical conclusions. Noah indicated surreptitiously by diurnal notation, the length of the antediluvian solar year. This commentary tabulates a total of 371 days from the beginning of the forty (40) days of rainfall until the removal of the covering of the ark which matches exactly the fractional equivalent. Again, surreptitiously if the Biblical Flood is attributed to our Halloween (Oct. 31st; 300 days) then add the forty (40) days of Gen. 8:6 plus 14 days of Gen. 8:10 and the total days of the lunar flood become 354 days (length of our modern lunar year). Obviously, Noah worked this very same fractional equivalent over 5,000 years ago making his legacy of astro-physics (solar and lunar mechanics) unquestionable. This again is best evidence!



If you don’t know the subject of the book of Revelation before reading it, you will never know John the Revelators intriguing misdirection. John is in Roman confinement; thus, two plus two equals metaphors! If you don’t like algebra (again), you’re not logically going to understand Revelation. Probably 50% of the nouns in Revelation mean something other than face value. Some are even empty words, which is exactly what we must deal with next; “hundred” is a fill word in Revelation with no meaning whatsoever. Everywhere the word “hundred” appears in Revelation, it is devoid of any meaning.

Along with “hundred” is an accomplice “thousand”. In Revelation 9:16 the phrase “thousand thousand” follows the phrase “two hundred”. “Thousand” describes the movement of the Nones and Ides which changed the Julian calendar into the Augustan calendar. Each series of these days moved ten (10) times, not one thousand (1,000) times. So, “thousand” is a metaphor in Rev. 9:16 and not a fake word, where it means ten (10). Everywhere else the word thousand appears in Revelation its meaning is dependent on context (John’s literary license).

After 666 (Rev. 13:18), the very next verse (Rev. 14:1) is a most important verse for prophecy, as the Creator will bring something with him at his appearing. “And I looked and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father’s name written in their foreheads.” (Rev. 14:1; Heb. 12:22 where “city” = calendar, “heavenly Jerusalem” = Everlasting Gospel and “angels” = days; Zach. 14:4). When I first read this verse many years ago the first question was 144,000 what or who? If John’s logic is used, “hundred” and “thousand” are devoid of meaning. So, it’s “forty” (40) and “four” (4).

There’s only one thing prophetically this can mean, Julius Caesar’s 44 BC Perpetual Dictatorship. To understand, a person must transport themselves back to the conditions of life before the Julian calendar. There isn’t space here to redefine the prophecies of Daniel, which have already been explained in the files ABRAHAMIC CHRONOLOGY and ROMA. Please read these first.

The world conditions before 49 BC (Daniel 9:20-27) were controlled by the Roman Republic calendar. This calendar had ten (10) months per year. Roman numerology is based on ten (10); world reality at that time. Extra days were added to the year after the ten months had expired to complete a 365-day year in Rome. March 1st was the beginning of the Roman year, which corresponded to our current January 1st. Julius Caesar changed all of that, which left the ten tribes of Israel behind.

Since the days of Solomon the King, Judah and Israel were torn apart with capitals at Samaria and Jerusalem. The convenient correlation between Israel’s ten (10) tribes and Rome’s ten based number system was accepted reality. Israel’s disrespect of Judah went all the way back to the death of Moses where Judah separated themselves by refusing to enter the Promised Land under Joshua’s control and returned to Kadesh Barnea. This problematic civilization perception was properly addressed by John the Revelator in chapter 7.

John the Revelator begins Rev. 7 by explaining the four days (angels) of the Astronomical Seasons (four corners) and the Tropical Seasons (four winds). The misalignment of these days (hurt) was about to happen when the Roman inclusive mathematics destroyed Julius Caesar’s calendar. The root cause was placing the leap day every three (3) years instead of the correct four (4) years. In other words, “Hurt not the earth (days before zero year), neither the sea (days after the zero year), nor the trees (years), till we have sealed the servants (months and weeks) of our God in their foreheads.” (Rev. 7:3).

John proceeds to establish correct civilization for the twelve (12) Tribes (Children) of Israel. John emphatically states again, Julius Caesar’s calendar was correct in 44 BC. (Rev. 7:4); “forty and four”. Each tribe of Israel is addressed and told there are “twelve” months of the calendar year; don’t be fooled by the modern translations (144,000) – follow the story. There are twelve (12) tribes of Israel and they represent (“sealed”) the twelve (12) months of the year, this is basic Theology. Apparently, many people (“multitude”) from all religions (“nations”; “kindreds”; “people”; “tongues”) will discover the deceit and educate themselves. Also sealed (alignment) are the days of the week; (“blessing”; Sunday), (“glory”, Monday), (“wisdom”, Tuesday), (“thanksgiving”, Wednesday), (“honour”, Thursday), (“power”, Friday), (“might”, Saturday) Rev. 7:12.




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