Adam to the Exodus




The dates above are all lunar except for Noah’s year of death. The creation of the Garden of Eden was presumable perfect with a lunar rotation of exactly 360 days per year. The dates are taken from the Septuagint Bible and were confirmed by the early historian Josephus. The nature of the catastrophic astronomic changes by God at the intersections of human failure point to the absolute importance of astronomic study by Christian civilization. I must again point out to anyone wishing to confirm the accuracy of these dates that the painstaking groundbreaking work was finished in the four volume set by Adam Rutherford called PYRAMIDOLOGY. I do not take any credit in the discovery of the foundational work in those volumes. In the chart above it should be noted Adam was created not born and Enoch did not die he was translated. The dates are based on the chronology in the Septuagint Bible with the only change being Noah’s birth in Lamech’s 182nd year, a subject discussed in detail earlier in this paper. Methusalah died the year of the flood and it’s interesting that a rumor persists even today of a coffin on the ark made of alabaster or ivory. The strangest question is where was Noah’s mother? Lamech died 150 years early but his wife should have lived the extra 29 years and joined the family on the ark. No one lived beyond a prophetic day (1000th year, Gen. 2:17), which was the basis of the belief the Messiah would come in the sixth millennium.

Biblical Chronology Flood to Exodus

Biblical Chronology Flood to Exodus


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