Albert Einstein’s Racial Theories

Forty years ago, I read Arthur S. Otis’s LIGHT VELOCITY AND RELATIVITY. I have copies in my library. It is a treatise against a theory of light transference, notably Einstein’s Relativity. Not only is Otis convincing but downright deadly to Einstein. Otis represents Einstein as occupying some mystical fantastic and dramatic world which a “classicist” (Otis’s word) must regard as “wholly fictitious and invalid” (again Otis’s words), p. 21. It appears Einstein is still parked there today in as much as his e = mc² is nothing more than a characterization, in other words – not a formula. What it does represent is destruction of matter, and any good theological student knows that upon the return of Jesus Christ anyone involved in this activity will lose their soul (Rev. 11:18).

What has never been explained is, if Einstein’s Theory isn’t astro-physics, what is it? It is really the origin of Adolph Hitler’s 20th Century German Arian Final Solution. It describes racial diversity. You won’t read very far into Otis’s book before your mind starts to wander and wonder, why does Einstein’s “two clock method” need an “appearance interpretation” (p. 20,21)? All of the supposed algebraic symbols are really metaphors for differing races of people.

Arthur Otis describes Einstein’s theory using classical symbols. For instance, “c” equals the speed of light (300,000 km per second; metrics supposedly reeking of scientific validity). “V” equals velocity. Lines of travel “x” and “y” show the fourth (4th) dimension in the graphs of “beams of light”. Numbers represent different stages of advancement in the “transformation equations”. A “train” is used to describe the lateral movement of separate beams of light. It all sounds like a scientific adventure, but is totally exposed as scientifically fraudulent by Arthur Otis.

When you start to unscramble the metaphors, a picture develops in your mind of racism. The letter “c” can be seen as civilization. The letter “v” can be seen to describe the allegiance of separate races of people (as in, “I pledge allegiance to the flag”). The “train” may be used to describe America. The “x” and “y” beams identify separate races which supposedly become equal (simultaneity, p. 27) and represent diversity. The differing “clock readings” on the train represent elevated levels of propaganda required to transform racial imagery.

The summation of Einstein’s theory is again destruction. Destruction of civilization by racial diversity (relativity of simultaneity). Otis states that when v = c “the train would suddenly have its length contracted to zero and consist of a mere plane” (p. 35). According to the metaphors, civilization in America would cease to exist. Adolph Hitler and his cronies apparently understood the implications of Einsteinism and used it as ideological authority for their final solution. So far America hasn’t been drawn into this political chaotic quagmire that has nothing to do with the speed of light. Conversely, American Civilization (rule of law) has allowed people to view differing races as human beings.

But unfortunately, that’s not where the story ends. Albert Einstein realized the implications of his mathematical calculations carried to infinity were not desirable. Einstein improved his equations so that they “require the factor k”. Einstein says, “according to his theory no object can have a velocity as great as c”, when v = c they = 0; a dead end (clocks stop running). The implication ideologically is that now (with the k factor) we can never escape Einstein’s Racial Laws. Einstein’s “x” and “y” racial mixture is being used by intellectually deficient supposedly lofty visionaries in television commercials as emotional collusion for economic profit. Einstein’s mathematical theories are the source of the continued enslavement of races of people.


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