Coulee Geology

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Coulee Geology

Examining the hydraulic geology in the Grand Coulee region of Washington State and pinpointing the source of ancient floods, this book provides a reinterpretation of the famous Ice Age floods described by J Harlen Bretz – and uncovers a humongous, government-funded hoax.

82 pages • Paperback, 10″x7″
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From Stephen the martyr’s story in Hebrews 5:12 we find out there are “first principles of the oracles of God.” John’s Revelation highlights one of these oracles “fountains of water.” Revelation makes it clear the goal is the “spirit of prophecy”, not a thorough knowledge because we’re fallible. These fountains of water were created by God during Noah’s flood – “fountains of the great deep.” If a person is to declare himself as an expositor of Revelation he must have a working knowledge of this first principle trumpeted by John in Revelation; you must be able to identify and be familiar with the geologic formations of outburst waters if you are genuine and wish to say anything else about Revelation. COULEE GEOLOGY is the identification of one of these formations.

Coulee GeologyOne of the features described at the head of the Upper Grand Coulee is a Goat Island and plunge pool. The island or hill is composed of material resistant to hydraulic erosion which causes the effluent to circle around the base creating a water falls or plunge pool in the process. The point is the flow of water from the head of the Upper Grand Coulee. According to current thought there shouldn’t be any evidence for an effluent from the head of the Upper Grand Coulee.

There is no such thing as a Spokane Scabland Channel Tract; the Spokane International Airport sits there! Yet, you can constantly see the USGS print maps showing this mythical geology that has to be present to support their fraudulent theory of Missoula floods. Nothing breached the Columbia Plateau Basalts west of Spokane and certainly not 500 cubic miles of water at 9.5 cubic miles per hour. So what did happen?


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