Enoch calendar

January 17, 2014

Part I


This subject is seemingly as easy as determining whether there are 364 whole days in the tropical year or 365 whole days in the tropical year; a no-brainer! But, nothing is ever that easy. We’re left to wonder if that ancient someone (author), in Egypt or out in the desert in Ethiopia, with little else to do in that monastery but invent mysticism, was sane?  Were all Apocryphal books just symbolic of modern comic books? Ah, but the more a person studies this subject the more complex and intricate it becomes.

The origin of Enoch is Biblical. It was a name used by both the sons of God and the daughters of Men. There was also a city named ENOCH. Apparently all modern day stories are extensions built from these antediluvian references to that particular title/name. All of the pieces of any puzzle connecting that antediluvian world and the modern exposé’s are missing. It’s still a good story.

The first Enoch (#1; daughters of men; Gen. 6:2) in the Bible was the first son of the murderer Cain. Enoch then grew up and built the first city recorded, and called it ENOCH. Enoch proceeded to have a fourth generation progeny named Lamech (#1), who had two wives (Adah, Zillah). Lamech’s braggadocio was an escalation of his ancestor Cain’s murder (now two dead men), but apparently in self defense (of course). His religion wasn’t based in faith, but in some exaggeration (seven times) of his own ferocious value to God (Gen. 4:24).

The second person named Enoch (#2; sons of God; Gen. 6:2) is an ancient antediluvian saint (#7 from Adam). Enoch lived exactly 365 years, “And all the days of Enoch were three hundred sixty and five years: And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.” (Gen. 5:23,24 KJV). This reference supposedly validates all authority to a particular calendar because of the similarity of 365 to today’s tropical year. So, to begin with, all association of Enoch with a calendar is suppositional. The word calendar isn’t in the Bible.


1). 365 years is a prophecy of our modern 365-day calendar year.

2). Enoch’s patriarchal position represents the seven created day of the week.

3). Before Enoch’s calendar there existed another calendar of 360 days.

4). Because Enoch did not die, it’s an analogy of our yearly circle/cycle.

The second Enoch had a grandson named Lamech (#2) who also has a story. Lamech number two had a famous son named Noah. Lamech #2 fathered Noah in his 182nd year which became a prophecy of July 2nd, the founding day of American freedom (supposedly the 182nd day of the solar year). Noah’s flood was God’s instrument for all men’s death; off the chart escalation of Abel’s death. If history does repeat itself, these two stories portend what is to come.


As some of my articles in the past have noted there is a poetic almost harmonic quality to the writings in the archaic Hebrew Bible. The very words have octaves speaking to different audiences all at the same time. The preceding story (Chapter A) is the entirety of the consequences of the word “sin”. The word “sin” has a dual meaning in the archaic Hebrew (sin; sin offering); the first demands the second (Gen. 4:7).

From the record in Genesis it appears Cain is able to escape an apt punishment for murdering Able his brother (Gen. 3:11,12); seemingly really inappropriate because a life was taken. God then takes away Cain’s ability to grow crops. This was significant for Cain because he brought crops, his most valuable possession for a sin offering (Gen. 4:3). 2256 years later Abel’s death was adjudicated by the entire population being implicated (drowned), except Noah’s immediate family. No other sin offering is recorded by the daughters of men in that expanse from Abel’s death through Noah’s flood. Someone or something has to die (Gen. 3:21), a sin offering for sin.

Bible students know Enoch’s prophecy in Genesis is 365 (Genesis 5:18-24). It is considered a cycle/circle of prophetic nature concerning Jesus Christ; Enoch was the first prophet. Hence, when Jesus Christ returns we should be able to identify him by his 365-day calendar and that he will return in a certain calendric rotation (metaphorically, “cloud”). Enoch’s prophecy came true when his calendar replaced the Adamic 360-day calendar during Noah’s “year of flood” (Psalms 104:19; 3200 B.C.). Where did the Book of Enoch come up with 364-day years?


Quoting a modern book, (ASTRONOMICAL ALGORITHMS, Chapter 20); “The direction of the rotational axis of the earth is not really fixed in space. Over time it undergoes a slow drift, or precession, much like that of a spinning top. This effect stems from the gravitational attraction of the Sun and the Moon on the earth’s equatorial bulge…The plane of the ecliptic and that of the equator, and the vernal equinox, are the fundamental planes and the origin of two important coordinate systems on the celestial sphere…So, due to the precession, the coordinates of the ‘fixed’ stars are continuously changing”

Let me translate that for you. Since the calculations for the Gregorian calendar aren’t sufficient to track the solar system revolutions closely enough for spring to stay on the same day every year, they are forced to include sidereal calculations into the Catholic Church calendar to make it work. If the Catholic Church can convince the world their calendar calculations are valid they can continue to represent themselves as Jesus Christ (Son of the Sun in Pharaonic Egyptian terms).

Can you recognize that the earth was hit by an asteroid (got its bell rung) and developed a “wobble” that isn’t going away any time soon. This “wobble” has zero to do with the earth’s revolution around the sun or our ability to accurately describe this revolution/rotation mathematically. This “cover story” (precession), is used to deceive people into believing the calculations of the Catholic Church are correct. If the wobble, that used to be called “trepidation”, affected the yearly solar revolution/rotation of earth it would necessarily have to be included in the algorithms of calendars! Or, if there was an error in said calculations, precession could be used to cover the inadequacies of said projected calendars (algorithms). Of course, these people are just tracking stars not making calendars, right?


Moving on, but just down the pages a few (ASTRONOMICAL ALGORITHMS, p. 183) is a chapter about Johan Kepler and his Laws of Planetary Motion. Figure 29-2 is a representation of Kepler’s ellipse. As with every one of these figures ever seen, half of the representation is missing. There should be another “K” on the obverse side of the ellipse. Kepler’s Second Law says, “A line joining a planet and the Sun sweeps out equal areas during equal intervals of time.” Is this a justifiable oversight or duplicity? This should be second nature to a mathematician as exact about latent zeros as this author is (p. 22).

There is a real reason for this omission. If a person is studying calendars instead of planetary revolution he enters the realm of religion and leaves science behind. To accommodate the Roman Catholic Church the second “K” is left out. Kepler actually says “equal intervals of time”, but a point in time is appropriate.

If you look in ASTRONOMICAL ALGORITHMS, Chapter 26, page 170, Table 26.F, you can see Duration of the astronomical seasons, in days. If you look at the year 2000 you will see Spring has 92.76 days and Autumn has 89.84 days. This chart is a calendrical representation of Kepler’s ellipse. There isn’t any doubt that spring and autumn have equal amounts of days per their duration or the earth breaks Kepler’s Laws and doesn’t follow an ellipse. No one to my knowledge has ever declared Kepler’s Laws invalid, or anyone intelligent ever denied Revelation 7:1 as accurate.


Part II


The Book of Enoch was written a long time ago and to understand why it was written it must be put into context. Obviously, there aren’t any years that have 364 days total, or are there? Maybe, mathematically there are – just mathematically, but not in reality. The Book of Enoch was written about 2300 years ago just after Eratosthenes discovered geodesy. This is the main clue that breaks open the aberrant math (364-day years).

A small summary of the calendric events leading up to the release of the fake Book of Enoch might be helpful. There is much dispute about the calendars of ancient Egypt and many prominent men have left their opinions in books for people to read. It is clear from Eratosthenes (Librarian at Alexandria; 300 B.C.) that Pharaonic Egypt had a completely accurate visual solstice ephemeris calendar from the well of Syene, Egypt. The quote goes something like this, “The sun will reflect back at the observer every June 21s t from the bottom of the well of Syene.”  It doesn’t take a genius to understand the implications of that statement, especially if the location of the well is known geographically.

It is also clear that a calendar change preceded or accompanied the demise of Pharaonic Egypt; some say a 360-day calendar, others a sidereal calendar. The loss of calendar accuracy and the decline of civilization is apparent in Egypt from about 1500 B.C. until the time of Alexander the Great during which “outsiders” ran Egypt. We shall see the rise of Hellenistic Greece is the determinate factor in the manufacture of the fake Book of Enoch.

Eratosthenes was a Greek born in Syene, Egypt and became a famous person known as the Librarian of the Alexandrian Library, possibly the most prominent library in the history of mankind. He discovered geodesy but refused to implement the Greek 360° circle (Hellenistic). This doesn’t work well for calendars as an ephemeris 365.242424 day year doesn’t fit into a 360° circle. This is probably the reason Eratosthenes was known as “beta”. He refused to conform his “stadia” to Greek astronomers.

To counter this error the Canopus Decree was adopted about 237 B.C. but failed. It’s obvious if a 365.242424 year is to fit into a 360° circle some days must be discarded, or if you prefer, 0.01436280548 extra rotation per day must be discarded (5.242424/ 365 = 0.01436280548). It appears the Book of Enoch was born from a necessity to counter this conflict between Hellenistic mathematics and the actual tropical year. To add supposed credence to the fallacious offering Enoch’s name was appositioned.


The fraudulent Ethiopic Book of Enoch declares in Chapter 73 there are 364 days in a year. To further clarify the statement successive years are totaled 1). 3 years times 364 days = 1092 days. 2). 5 years times 364 days = 1820 days. 3). 8 years times 364 days = 2912 days. This is so outrageous that it requires an explanation. If there was some sort of adjustment to make it match the tropical year it could be swallowed, but none is offered. Thus, the mathematics is fraudulent – the Book is fraudulent – Enoch didn’t write it. Of course this makes the book of Jude in the Bible suspect! (Jude 14, 15; check where these words came from-not from Enoch).


If you fast forward to the 20th Century and ponder solar system mechanics (if you’re lucky) you will find the chart 364-DAY YEARS IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY. According to this chart, written by publishers of astronomical tables, approximately 20% of the years in the 20th Century had only 364 days. This chart is now hidden from view because of its obvious useful but fallacious nature.

By transitioning back and forth across the International Date Line mathematically and arbitrarily placing the equinoxes and solstices on extended days (not Biblically accurate 21st days of months) they are able to accommodate the dichotomy between the actual tropical year and the Hellenistic mathematical circle. You will not find the zero declination listed as 12:00 noon in any astronomical atlas. “And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men” (Rev. 13:13), remember fierce Lamech #1? Remember Noah’s flood (Matt. 24:38,39)?


No expert in this field is likely to comment on this explosive subject. It would be comparable to bringing a law suit against someone who had the goods on you and the procedure would include an investigatory process. If exposed, the Catholic Church will lose their treasured Gregorian calendar because Rome hasn’t paid for the murder of the Messiah yet! The daughters of Rome will have the “shame of their nakedness appear” because they follow Rome’s Sabbath and have hid their face from God’s Sabbath (Ezekiel 22:26). There are 12053° in the ephemeris calendric circle. How many deletions of leap days are we expected to endure by the Beast Church? Of course the precedent was set by Caesar Augustus who deleted five leaps days from the Julian calendar in the B.C. to A.D. transition years. It’s possible the pseudepigrapha Book of Enoch was discarded when the Alexandrian calendar was forced on Egypt. I don’t know that anyone can ever accurately/positively connect the dots from ancient Egyptian astronomy to today’s astrophysics, but promoting this fake book as if there is something mathematically, religiously or astrophysically accurate about it is fraudulent.


The Ethiopic BOOK OF ENOCH is nothing more than an ancient comic book, evidenced by its reputation – “pseudepigrapha/pseudonymous”. It was most likely written in Egypt between the time Eratosthenes discovered geodesy and the forced Alexandrian calendar. Two pieces of lingering evidence point in that direction, 1.) Canopus Decree. 2.) Eratosthenes unflattering nickname “beta”. Both ancient tidbits were in response to the ridiculous attempt by the Greeks to cram a tropical year (365.242 days) into a Hellenistic circle (360°).

Obviously, somewhere one must lose some days to make that math/calendar work!

If you focus your attention to the modern day and look at your wristwatch, you must realize we are still doing this (sexagesimal time). Today’s mathematicians aren’t pooh-poohing this, instead they are writing charts called 364-DAY YEARS IN THE TWENTIETH CENTURY. The evidence today is their lack of ability to lose enough days to make it work. Thus you see the need to keep dropping leap days in a frantic effort to keep the Gregorian calendar somewhat aligned.

The true ephemeris circle has 12053° (365.242424 days) and is divided in a 33-year rotation in a linear zig-zag pattern of 8° amplitude. The inclusive 33 years are crowned by the seven days of the week in a 231-year pattern. The leap years are 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 25, 29 and 33; mathematically 1506.625 days. The lengths of months mimic Kepler’s Laws of Planetary Motion; 31, 27, 30, 31, 30, 31, 32, 31, 30, 31, 30, 31. The “Boss” of the calendar is either an equinox or solstice meridian placed on the 21st day of a month at 12:00 noon. Effectively, the beginning of the year can be Jan. 1st, April 1st, July 1st or Oct. 1st depending on your geographical location.


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