Iconoclastic Book of Calendars

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Iconoclastic Book of Calendars

This work of scholarship provides a mathematical representation of the Ephemeris calendar, examining the history of the world from the first day of Creation to the last year of A.D. 2013 – and calculates, mathematically and astronomically, the true and accurate day of the week.

478 pages • Paperback, 6″x9″
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The Bible is an ancient codex with an embedded mathematical calendar. The main embedded books are Genesis, Exodus, 2 Kings, 2 Chronicles, Isaiah, Daniel, Hebrews and Revelation. The main personages are Adam, Noah, Moses, Hezekiah, Daniel, Jesus Christ, Stephen the martyr and John the Disciple/Apostle.

IconoclasticBookOfCalendarsThe Kingdom of God is to be built upon this calendric foundation (Millennium). God is the light of the world, literally the sun. This is why the ancient Pharaohs called themselves the “son of the Sun”; their solstice calendar mimicked the earth’s rotation around God. They knew what civilization was and practiced it; when Akhenaton destroyed the Egyptian Ephemeris calendar by implementing the 360-day Canaanite Mitanni calendar, Pharaonic Egyptian Civilization ended.

The history of the calendar is the history of civilization from its earliest days (Egypt, Mesopotamia) until today. The failure of Christian Civilization to implement correct ephemeris astronomy parallels its spiritual failure. Civilization is in total decline worldwide thus every ambitious religious paramour will fight to the death for control. Unfortunately, none of them are qualified. To be qualified one must understand Melchisedec. To understand Melchisedec one must understand the “Lord of the Sabbath”. To understand the Lord of the Sabbath one must know the Sabbath day. This is a total indictment of fraudulent religion worldwide who “have hid their eyes from my Sabbath”.

Everything can be explained mathematically, but does mathematics just explain everything or does everything conform to its dictates? Isn’t that the exact definition of God? The only word in my exhaustive concordance that starts with “math” is Mathusala. The Bible seems to be devoid of the concept of mathematics, yet the 7-day thread is wound through the entire scriptures. This thread is so elusive no one today can technically explain why we are still using the seven day week. Isn’t it time for the mathematical explanation of the Bible?


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