Mystic, Gnostic, Cynic

The mystic (initiate), gnostic (original Christian) or cynic (absentee) should easily recognize the metaphoric Christ mathematically divined from the Holy Writ, apparent in this web page. Some day we will find the Ark of Noah which will presumably have a text of the original scriptures, especially Genesis 6. The Ark is located somewhere between India and China in the Himalayas. It will have the original Enoch Prophecies that all Pagan Myths were based on exponentially storied in Freke and Gandy’s THE JESUS MYSTERIES. The varied “mysteries” are proof the original prophecies exist. The reference to “mountains of Ararat” was where the Ark was built, where it rested after the epoch (“rain”; Gen. 7:4), not the epact (“flood of waters”; Gen. 7:6). The real story is: God is light, technically the sun; the kingdom of God is our solar system, where light shines; Jesus Christ (God’s Son), sits on the ecliptic of the earth and delegates power to those who most closely mimic the time mechanism, with a calendar, that God manufactures with the sun.


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