Search for the TRUE calendar

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Search for the TRUE calendar

Calendars control civilizations. Our individual lives are governed by the calendar. Yet the Gregorian calendar we now follow is Biblically, mathematically and astronomically incorrect. This website and our books available here are devoted to revealing the TRUE calendar.

Explore and find more information via this website and in our books described here and available at

Here’s a convenience menu to start your journey:

  • Browse this website by clicking the navigation bar buttons at top. Each button describes the topics addressed; the Calendars button provides the actual, mathematically corrected calendars.
  • Iconoclastic Book of Calendars. This exhaustively researched mathematical representation of the Ephemeris calendar examines the history of the world from the first day of Creation to the last year of A.D. 2013. The true and accurate day of the week is calculated mathematically and astronomically. Review and order this book»
  • Civilization Revisited. Providing an explanation of the end of the world, according to Stephen the martyr and John the Revelator in the Bible, and includes the official end of Western Civilization as calculated according to the Gregorian calendar. Review and order this book»
  • Coulee Geology. Examining the hydraulic geology in the Grand Coulee region of Washington State, this book pinpoints the source of ancient floods – providing a reinterpretation of the famous Ice Age floods described by J Harlen Bretz. Review and order this book»

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